Each crop reflects our gentle affections

—— 《Wu Sheng, Come Back Together》



The 26th Annual Meeting of WTCC: Mitagri Showcased Agricultural Goods

An annual meeting of World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce was held on September 28th and 29th in the Grand Hotel. Mitagri was honored to participate in the meeting and to set up a booth at the Taiwan...


The official press conference of establishment pledges to promote agricultural products in global markets.

Mitagri Co., Ltd. was established on 5th December, 2016 for the sake of to assist the stable export system for Taiwan’s agricultural products. By means of engraving brand for agricultural produc...

Agricultural Problems in Taiwan

In Taiwan, cultivable lands are so scattered that impede the development of large companies specialized in production-oriented agribusiness. This indirectly leads to unstable disadvantages, such as disturbance in the supply of agricultural production to global markets and a reduction in farmers' income.

Exports of agricultural productions are unstable.

Farmers' incomes are low.

Inefficient use of farmlands.

Pomelo Pomelo

The Moon Festival is one of the most important festivals in Taiwan. Pomelo is also fruit for the occasion. The sweet and sour taste of grapefruit exudes a refreshing aroma in the mouth. A pomelo conta...

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carrot Precise Production and Marketing for the Shining Carrots

Yunlin and Changhua are main production areas of carrots which are strictly controlled in every stage throughout the supply chain. From advanced machine production areas and cleaning and packing facil...

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Onion Onions Gifted by The Southern Katabatic Wind

The unique katabatic wind that blows through Hengchun Peninsula enables the onions to grow upwards and dries out the humidity on their skin. Layers of scales not only store the moisture and sweetness...

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Lettuce Green and Fresh Lettuce Certified for Exportation

Lettuce is mainly grown in Yunlin, Taiwan where it is nourished by the nutrition dense soil from the mouth of Zhoushui River. Along with the sea breeze in winter and the warmth of the sun, the drop of...

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Banana Quality maintenance and stable supply to restore the grandeur of Taiwan's agriculture

The Banana Kingdom, Taiwan used to be called, benefitting from its subtropical environment where the distinct seasons allow the bananas to have their own taste and scent refined. Also, due to the hist...

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Cold chain is used for the preservation of the quality of the products throughout the processes of harvesting, packaging, storage, transportation and sales. The method keeps the product at a predetermined low temperature to maintain quality and reduce damage to agricultural products.

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