Taiwan Banana Milkshake Now on Sale in Japan. Bring New Business Opportunities for Beverage Revolution

With the hot summer is coming, Taiwan bananas are in full bloom. Oolong bananas exported by Taiwan Maitagri company are favored by the well-known Japanese Futaba Fruits Company.  ‘’ FUTABA FRUITS Research Institute store’' will be opened in Omotesando, Tokyo and launch “Taiwan banana milkshake” on August 8, 2020.

Taiwan Mitagri company has been devoted to developing the international fruit market for a long time, especially the Japan banana market. In the past 3 years, Mitagri has promoted Taiwan oolong bananas and has attracted Japanese customers' attention.


This time, Japan fruit and vegetable trading company "RAINBOW FRESH " collaborate with the well-known long-established store "FUTABA FRUITS" to develop a new creative product ‘’ Taiwan banana milkshake’’

The banana milkshake, features with freshness and health, is based on the Taiwan top-rated oolong banana without any sugar and plus soybean milk, milk or yogurt. Hope to promote the fruit revolution and new beverage trend in Omotesando, Aoyama, Japan.

Futaba Fruit Co., Ltd. is a fruit shop located in Tokyo with a history of nearly 80 years and it is a well-known store loved by local Japanese. Daisuke Naruse, the third-generation owner of the fruit shop, is a japan fruit expert who uses seasonal fruits to make fruit sundaes and sandwiches, etc. Futaba Parlor has 9 stores at present and the new one plans to open on August 8, 2020 in Omotesando, Tokyo with the aim to promote the trend of good fruits all over the world. Taiwan bananas have been selected as the material of fruit beverages which means the affirmation of the Taiwan bananas. Furthermore, it brings a new beverage revolution and draws everyone’s attention.

Taiwan Mitagri company stated that it is particularly grateful to Rainbow Fresh for the recommendation and supply of Taiwan oolong bananas that Taiwan banana milkshake successfully launches to the market.

 Mr. Yokogami Masahiro, japan fruit expert, hopes to develop more Taiwan fruit products in the future so that Japan consumers can enjoy them. Taiwan Mitagri also indicated that the company will continue to promote the export of Taiwan fruits to Japan. In addition to fresh fruits, the company will collaborate with more farmers and manufacturers to develop new products to expand to the global channel and market.



店 名 フタバフルーツ研究所

地 址 :〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山3-13 表参道commune内

Photo & Video Credit: Mitagri Co.,Ltd.

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