Mitagri Participate in "FamilyMart & Elders Peanuts’ Black King Kong Peanuts" Presentation

On December 26th, Mitagri participated in the "FamilyMart & Elders Peanuts’ Black King Kong Peanuts " presentation. Participants, including FamilyMart general manager Dong-du Hsueh; legislator Chih-fen Su; Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Services Center, Executive Yuan CEO Gen-Wei Syu; Central Region Branch, Agriculture and Food Agency director-general Shih-Yuan Yao; Mitagri vice president Shu-hua Tang; Taiwan Grains Foundation chairman Yuan-Cyuan Lin; and relevant people in the agricultural industry, co-hosted the launching ceremony.

(Mitagri vice president Tang delivered a ceremonial speech.)

Elders Peanuts’ Yunlin high-quality peanuts which are selected using advanced AI systems are now available in FamilyMart. Mitagri has been committed to exporting peanuts and opening their domestic and international markets. Last month, Mitagri successfully sold 6000 packs to the United States, and it will continue to export high-quality peanuts overseas.

Photo Credit: Mitagri Co., Ltd.

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