Touching Taiwan - 2021 Taiwan Fruit Festival to be Held from July 28th to August 1st at Yokohama Tokyu Department Store-Hayashi Fruits Aobadai Branch


With the support of the Council of Agriculture, "Touching Taiwan - 2021 Taiwan Fruit Festival" will be held from July 28th to August 1st this year at the Yokohama Tokyu Department Store-Hayashi Fruits Aobadai Branch. Seasonal Taiwanese milk pineapples, Irwin mangos, bananas and various dried fruits will be sold, so that even during the pandemic, Japanese customers can still enjoy the deliciousness of Taiwanese fruit. This is the first Taiwanese fruit marketing event which Hayashi Fruits has held. Mitagri and Japanese importers have made effort together to successfully penetrate the Japanese high-class fruit shop, which fully demonstrates the friendly mutually supportive spirit between Taiwan and Japan.

The Hayashi Fruits Aobadai Branch, where the marketing event is held this time, is in the Yokohama Tokyu Department Store co-constructed with Aobadai Station in Yokohama City. Its location is very convenient for transport and full of people. Hayashi Fruits has been established for more than 80 years and has specialized in luxury fruit from all over the world. It is a famous fruit store in the Japanese fruit industry. All the products which are sold in the Hayashi Fruits are the best choices in texture, appearance, and quality. Hayashi Fruits’ agreement to hold the Taiwan Fruit Festival marketing event not only give recognition to the high quality of Taiwan fruits, but also approve Mitagri’s efforts in promoting Taiwan fruit export to the Japanese high-class fruit shop.

The protagonist of " Touching Taiwan - 2021 Taiwan Fruit Festival " is Milk Pineapple. The Milk Pineapple, which harvested in July and August, has milky-white flesh, high sweetness, and slightly sourish taste. Mitagri sent carefully selected high-quality Milk Pineapple directly to Japan, hoping that Japanese customers can also taste this distinctive pineapple after enjoying the Golden Diamond Pineapple. Besides, the most popular Taiwan fruit with Japanese customer – Mango is also one of the star products of this Fruit Festival. Taiwan banana, high-quality dried fruit and Milk Pineapple chunks will also be for sale. Japanese customers who like Taiwanese fruit are warmly welcome.

Mitagri stated that Taiwan Fruit Festival starts on July 28 and run until August 1. People who come to visit and purchase will have the opportunity to receive limited Taiwan style goodies. Welcome to join the Taiwan Fruit Festival!


Photo & Video Credit: Mitagri Co., Ltd.

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