《Tasty Taiwan 2021 Opening Ceremony-Singapore HAO mart Grand Opening》

In response to the post-epidemic era, with the support of the Council of Agriculture, Mitagri Co., Ltd and HAO mart in Singapore will hold the "Tasty Taiwan" from September 18 to September 30, 2021. During the Mid-Autumn Festival's agricultural product marketing campaign, the three most representative branches of Westgate, Kinex's Eccellente by HAO mart, and The GrandStand Mall's Hao Megamart will exhibit and sell Taiwan's fresh fruits and vegetables, agricultural, fishery, and livestock products. In addition, representative Francis Liang specially recorded the opening video to kick off the event and accompany Singapore consumers to warm their hearts through the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Representative Francis Liang specially introduced this Tasty Taiwan event. After long-term preparations at the HAO mart supermarket in Singapore and Mitagri, various agricultural, fishery, and livestock products will be displayed and sold. In addition to the selected fruits of Taiwan's season, including pearl guava and Kyoho grapes, Puli passion fruit, sweet persimmon, dragon fruit, water pear, etc., and the most representative fruit of autumn, Wenden pomelo. Taking the homophonic meaning of "bao pomelo," we wish Singapore blessings and hope to accompany each other through the post-epidemic era.

Hung Chung Hsiu, Chairman of Mitagri Co., Ltd, said that Singapore is a significant trading partner of Taiwan. It is not easy for Singapore to become the first country in the world to resume commercial trade under the epidemic. We hope to start with the concept of "preserving pomelo" and share Taiwan's delicious agricultural products with Singapore in a warm and friendly way and work for hand in hand through this post-epidemic era.

Mitagri Co., Ltd explained that Taiwan red adzuki beans were put on the shelves in Singapore supermarkets for the first time, especially since the Taiwanese pastries are well-known internationally. It rarely exports the red adzuki beans past, but it has significant domestic demand. This time, the HAO mart supermarket in Singapore first launched Taiwan's highest-quality red beans. Healthy and delicious diet choices for Singapore consumers.

The event date will be from September 18 to September 30, 2021. The sales venues will be Eccellente by HAO mart in Westgate, Eccellente by HAO mart in Kinex, and Hao Megamart in The GrandStand Mall. Unique agricultural products provide the best dietary choices in the post-epidemic era. Singapore consumers and friends in the overseas Chinese community are welcome to support the purchase enthusiastically.

Photo & Video Credit: Mitagri Co., Ltd.

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