《Expanding the international market - The first container of "Taiwan Best Quality pomelo" exported to Canada》

"Taiwan Best Quality pomelo" as the request, combine with farmers internal and external marketing channel and export dealers exported to Canada. Using Japan fruit sugar meter (Nondestructive Brix Meter) ensure pomelo's sweetness over 11°Brix. This year, Farmers' Association actively guidance farmers accede to Organic and Traceability Verify. Mitagri Company and Ruisui Township Farmers' Association specialize the object of the Western market and popularize pomelo is a kind of normality fruit, to promote the health of people settle external marketing channel and increase the acceptance of external marketing. This year, it has been affected by the COVID-19, but after constant strive, Mitagri made pomelo as "the blessing" image, bless whole of the world could back to normal as soon as possible.

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