Chairman of the Agricultural Committee, Mr. Chen , assisted Mitagri Co., Ltd. in exporting goods and successfully breaking the Chinese market's curse and the myth.

Mitagri Co., Ltd. cooperated with Japanese companies to launch the brand"蜜甘味" to export pineapples to Japan.

Gold Great Co., Ltd.'s press conference.


Last year (2021), Mainland China declared the suspension of Taiwan pineapples entering China in the name of scale insects.
Mitagri Co., Ltd. assisted the Tainan packhouse in completing export and enhancing the export operations and goods quality
to Japan. With the assistance of Mitagri Co., Ltd., pineapples are exported to Japan every week.

Mitagri Co., Ltd. has cooperated with four packhouses this year. From January to March, pineapples have exported exceeded
500 metric tons,an increase of 55% over the sameperiod last year.
In addition, Taiwan has exported pineapples to Australia and
successfully transformed the decentralized international market. People didn't look favorably on the case, but Taiwan's pineapple didn't fail but successfully entered the high-end Japanese market.

Taiwan's pineapples continue to go viral overseas. On April 6, Gold Great Co., Ltd. held a press conference. Chairman of the Agricultural Committee,Chen Chi-Chung, and Tainan Mayor, Huang Wei-Zhe, attended the conference to congratulate and support the relevant practitioners. Mitagri Co., Ltd. and Japanese companies launched the brand "蜜甘味" together to market Taiwan's pineapples. The "core" of the pineapples is edible, and the flesh is sweet and juicy. We believe everyone can't resist its deliciousness.


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