AtemoyaEastern fruit, greenish color fills the heart with its sweetened flavor


Atemoya is also known as forest ice cream due to its density and sweetness, by leaving an unforgettable impression to whoever tastes it. According to recent studies, atemoya has an anti-cancer effect; therefore it has become one of the fruits with the greatest potential in the consumer market.

Let us preserve the most precious fruits together!
At present, Taitung has the largest production of atemoya in the world. Apart from the unique climate of the thriving valleys, the efforts of the friendly local farmers contribute to the preservation of this valuable fruit for Taiwan.

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BananaQuality maintenance and stable supply to restore the grandeur of Taiwan's agriculture

The Banana Kingdom, Taiwan used to be called, benefitting from its subtropical environment where the distinct seasons allow the bananas to have their own taste and scent refined. Also, due to the historical factors, Taiwan bananas have become one of the superior fruits in the older generations in Japan.

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PineappleCore renovation, Tainung No.17 will pass on generation after generation

After years renovation and research, the Tainung No.17 was the result by Taiwan's Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch. As only Taiwan's unique environment can create the perfect flavor; in which its soft and delicate fibers with edible core and shallow eye. containuniform sweetness. Owing to its uniqueness, It truly deserves the name of the "golden-diamond pineapple" bestowed by its name!

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MangoThe summer in heart of June, the aroma of the Mango in whole city

Its taste is sour mingled with sweetness, sweetness with acidity! Almost exempt from fibers. Its appearance is like that of the painter's palette, as when red and yellow intersect in the sunset. Once cut, its savory smell assails the nostrils and leaves the deepest impression of Taiwan mangoes in the hearts of the gourmets.

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